The Whippet in Linden – we are transforming your store

We can’t believe it’s been 5 years already. The dream for The Whippet started when we drove past this sleepy corner in a then very different suburbKassa_Whippet_re-imagine_Print25 and knew – this corner will be our home. The people of Linden is what makes this suburb so great – every baker, grower, butcher and designer has played such an key part in our dream of re-introducing South Africans to the history of their suburbs – we always set out to create a truly local store where every resident or visitor could create their own new memories and stories in our amazing suburb.

KASSA_Whippet_Outdoor facade.jpg

Our #WhippetImagine project started 6 months ago with our local architects Kassa Studios where we dreamt and worked on a plan to stay true to what The Whippet is an also how we want the store to evolve. The Whippet is situated in the old Linden hotel – our new store design will take us back to that era with wooden panelled walls and copper lighting, classic lines and our distinct crips clean character. This store was designed around you and we cannot wait for you to join us on this process as we transform your store.

We are convinced you will be proud of us.

Team Whippet.

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