About Us

We opened our first store in 2012, with the vision of creating a neighbourhood-inspired coffee shop. Back then,  The Whippet was a single store on the cnr of 7thstr and 4thAvenue in Linden, paying homage to the peach farming history of this amazing suburb. From the beginning, The Whippet set out to be a neighbourhood destination, a connection point with your neighbhourhood and your story.

We want you to call it “my store” because that is exactly what it is….your store .


The Whippet today

Fast-forward 7 years we still hold true the values that have inspired us from day one. We continue to believe in:

Coffee excellence

Coffee is a sit down moment, an intimate time together with those you love. We source only the best beans, roasted by an all-female roasting team and then blended and made with passion and love by competition-ready Whippet baristas.

Food innovation

Suzanne our head of innovation is passionate about creating dishes that evoke a feeling of nostalgia. She creates a food and drinks exeprience that speaks to warmth and belonging.

Our passion for people

Our business is nothing without our people. We pay our staff higher salaries and help them move closer to work to improve the of quality their lives. We teach all our staff to cook and encourage them to lead a more nutricious and balanced lifestyle. We say it again – we are nothing without our people, they are the reason why our business succeeds.

Our passion for design and architecture

We always strive to create spaces that inspire your next great idea. Our shop designs are inspired by each neighbourhood’s history and by the stories of those who call it home.

We continue to believe that your story is our story.