100% organic Hartland honey on its way to the Whippet – Meet Linden’s local beekeeper

When Jaco spoke to Ursula, one of our friends, she mentioned her brother was a beekeeper, I then asked her where her brother stayed………Linden! I could not believe it, Linden has it’s own beekeeper and he lives in 8th street! I immediately set up a meeting to tell him about The Whippet story and asked him a few questions about the 100% organic Hartland honey he makes. Here is his story.

Louis got into beekeeping because growing up on the farm his granddad had a couple of hives and somehow it sparked an interest for these amazing insects.  Later him and a friend decided to build a couple of hives and that is how it started! Het got into bees because well… he loves bees and of course honey…and secondly escaping the city and visiting various farms around the country is a great experience. The Whippet’s now Hartland honey is 100% organic, meaning that it has not been treated in any way nor has any product been added to the honey. The honey, once extracted, are put through a filter simply to remove pieces of honeycomb. Louis says “real honey does not have a single taste and texture and is gathered from different nectar sources (sunflower, Bluegum, Acasia, Boekenhout and orange blossom) and each has its own distinctive flavors”. Generally, light coloured honey has a milder flavour than dark honey.  The sources of nectar also have different ratios of glucose and fructose and this determines the rate against which the honey will crystallize.  Honey with more glucose tends to crystallize quicker. Hartland honey is simply delicious, and pure good honey. But why did Louis choose Linden as his home? “I really like the people and the majority of the properties still have these huge backyards where you can easily fit in a match of backyard cricket. The area also has a rich history and we now form a part of it!”

We are proud to announce that Hartland honey will be exclusively stocked at The Whippet – with Louis moving the bees around from time to time we are able to bring you a range of flavours throughout the year. Be sure to watch the blog for details and more importantly please pop in when we open to buy your own jar of Linden’s finest honey.

Before I got up from the meeting with Louis he says “but what about heuningkoek” – honey combs? Yes – for those who have long forgotten or whom have never eaten raw honey comb be sure to visit The Whippet for a good handful of this forgotten favourite.

Whippet on the go!


The Whippet Hartland  honey on its way
Hartland honey in the making for the Whippet!
Linden's local Bee Keeper
Louis Venter – Linden’s local beekeeper

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  1. Helena says:

    Physical adress

    1. We are on the Cnr of 7th street and 4th ave in Linden JHB

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