So what has happened in the past 10 days? The Whippet is taking shape…

Firstly I have to appologise for being so quite – the last few days have gone by so quickly and The Whippet is taking on great shape, due to the great help from the people of Linden and everyone following the blog and us on Facebook. We have now received 1,200 visitors to our page since we started and we have 200 loyal fans on Facebook – and we have not opened our doors yet – thanks to everyone for choosing their favourite blends and for helping us choose the decor. Talking about the decor, we have received some new drawings on the space to compliment the current drawings we have – all I can say is the space will be like nothing seen in JHB (I think we can call it urban chic) and if you are cyclist and business person, the space also caters for all your needs.

I have also had the opportunity to meet with some other Linden heroes – The local librarian, Wendy, has given me a great chance to hear her fondest memories of the area and about the great work the library is doing for local Linden-nites – I will upload the video of the interview soon (Ric – from Etiket, our agency, is just helping me with the video).

On Wednesday we are having our final negotiations with the landlords around the space – so please hold thumbs that we come to a final agreement so that we can get the Whippet running! We will also be buying our blenders for all your milkshakes and smoothies on Thursday  – the kitchen is also taking shape with us buying a griller, ice maker and oven (I wonder what we will bake in this oven? – Zani will tell you guys soon about her ideas).

O yes……… Millicent (a great fiend of ours) will be guest blogging this week on her memories of growing up in Linden – looking forward to her post!

Me, Zani and Jaco will also be going for Barrista training this week! No we won’t be the expert Barristas at The Whippet but we would love to make a good Cappuccino ourselves when all of you pop by!

Have a great week!

Divan and The Whippet team

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