There is HOPE – Covid 19 is not our future

No one can argue that this was not the most difficult 4 months since we started The Whippet nearly 8 years ago. We had to lay off some of our best people and close our doors for well over 100 days. But our team, Linden and this city, true to its resilience remains our inspiration to open our doors on Wednesday 15 July for take away coffees and pastries. Our front porch will be as sunny as always and warm konka fires will welcome you during Winter. We will open for sit down breakfast and lunch as soon as it is safe to do so. We are more resilient than this virus and we cannot wait to welcome you safely at your Linden store. It is our wish that you also support other independent restaurants in the city. We believe that they also represent the heart of their suburbs. #heartofjozi

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