Be a hero – Support our Staff Fund today

Dear Friends Family and Supporters of the Whippet. 

We have had an immensely difficult last few weeks as we try to come to terms with the devastation that the corona virus has had on our Whippet family. To say that it is surreal is an understatement, as we feel the far reach of this pandemic.

It could never have been predicted, yet the corona virus has proven to be a total and complete threat to our community based business and the people who make it great. As you know, our core drive and passion has always been to live for each community that we are so lucky to call home. Our biggest fear has come true and we are overcome.

The truth is that this virus will not only destroy businesses, but will result in over 50 of our Whippet team losing their livelihoods.

This is where we need your help.

Our request and plea to you, is simple: If any one of our Whippet team members has ever made a difference in your life or moved you in some way, we would like to encourage you to make a donation to our Whippet Support Fund. All monies donated will go towards our much loved team, to aid them in some way as they weather the months that we will be closed for. We wouldn’t be asking if we had any other way. Every rand will make a difference.

Of many things we are not certain, yet know this. We are aiming to save as many jobs as we can and when we re-open, trust that we will be back at our post, ready to welcome you in, with a warm hug and a great cup of coffee with a message that is clear – This virus will not suppress our communities and country – they are stronger and more resilient than any virus. The world is in desperate need of heroes.

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