2019 – Our year of harvest and art

Wow – time flies – We still wanted to write this post in Jan and now it’s the 6th of Feb. The city is truly back to normal, the pulse that makes this city work is healthy and we cannot help to sense some renewed optimism for our country.

For us – this is a massive year. We said we wanted to create 100 additional jobs and we are set to reach our target. We call this our year of harvest and art. Our new harvest store will open in Melville early this year (more info to come) and we are working with another developer to bring Jozi a spectacular celebration of food and art. We cannot wait share more information on both our new ventures.

May 2019 be your best year, may your businesses thrive and may we build a South Africa  that truly reflects the vision and dreams of Nelson Mandela.


The Whippet Team C83C5320

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