Two weeks left – and then we close for Christmas – Lets celebrate our people and this awesome suburb – we say thanks.

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So many people ask us – “So why do you close so early in the year” (our last Saturday is the 13th of December and we open again on the 6th of Jan 2015) . Well – we always say we are a people centred business and we have to live this philosophy in everything that we do. Our staff and owners have probably had the busiest year of their lives and now is their time to spend time with their family and friends. Most of our staff will make trips back to their home towns as far as Qwa Qwa, Port Elizabeth, Lusaka and Harare – we believe December is their time, not ours – in real business this most probably makes very little sense, but to us, it makes perfect sense, and we continue to hope that you share our vision in running a people centred business.

The Whippet has had a phenomenal year – a year of so many learnings, up and downs – we have welcomed two new babies to our team and have expanded our current team by adding 4 more people – what a privilege to be able to create jobs! We have launched 25 new Friday menus, 38 new Saturday menus, and three new main menus. We have hosted 4 special events, have played host to the launch of Big Brother Africa, and played home to Nedbank’s Eugene ads and Absa’s new Bank of Future ads – what an honour to share our own home with such awesome brands.  We have trained 15 new home baristas, we have supported 5 local Linden businesses and we continue to source local.  We want to thank you for all the support, all the love and also for bearing with us when we made mistakes.

We wish you and your families a blessed festive time – please come back rested and ready to tackle 2015 with the vigour and excitement it deserves. And of course a special thanks to the people of Linden – you have invited us into your suburb and you support us with so much love – thx that we can call your suburb our home.

All our love.

Team Whippet.

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  1. i like that you do it that way but also nice to know u can

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