Our coffee: The journey towards excellence

After tasting bags and bags of coffee, we were lucky to develop the Linden blend – perfect mix of Malawian and Costa Rican beans, to make a cappuccino that is as creamy as it is punchy. Every day people ask us “so what is the secret to our great coffee?”. We say the recipe is simple.

1.High quality coffee beans

We always had the option of choosing cheaper beans – but we have opted for a bean that costs us 30% more than the generic alternative you might find in 80% of coffee shops – The beans are certified, and come from our boutique lots at the Satemwa family farm in Malawi.

The Whippet Source of Coffee and Tea
The Whippet Source of Coffee and Tea

2. Awesomely trained Baristas

All our Baristas are trained by Matt Carter – Matt also trains the South African Championship barista judges – No matter how good the bean, the hand that makes the coffee is the instrument to making coffee heaven.

3. A great espresso machine

In our Linden store we have a La Marzocco GB5 machine. Handcrafted in Florence, this machine maintains the perfect temperature and pressure, to make each cup magical.

We invite you to join us on our journey of creating coffee excellence. Every cup is a step towards the ultimate coffee.

The Whippet hand crafted GB5 Machine
The Whippet hand crafted GB5 Machine

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