Our Teas – We only import the best

So what’s in a cup of tea? Before I became so fascinated with tea, I asked myself the same question – I mean for years we grabbed a bag of our favourite supermarket blends, popped them in a cup and in a few seconds we have the “best of the best” tea, scraped from some concrete floor after the original loose leaf teas have been bagged and exported – don’t get me wrong – I still enjoy my favourite bag of concrete tea from time to time, but my word that’s like comparing the best bottle of Tassies with an awesome Shiraz from Boschendal – it’s basically sin.

So why the article?  The Whippet believes in bringing you the best – And that is why every pot of loose-leaf tea you enjoy in our shop is imported from our boutique tea and coffee estate, Satemwa in Malawi. Each batch of tea is carefully selected so that you can be certain each cup is made from only the best. We chose Satemwa due to their small boutique lots,  a family owned estate, where each leaf is cared for and dried to make the perfect pot.

Our Strawberry and Hibiscus and Pineapple and Ginger blends is not only pleasant on the pallet as a hot or ice tea alternative but also enlightens your nose with a strong smell of fresh, pure ingredients as tea should be.

Please pop by to experience our blends of loose-leaf Malawian teas.


The Whippet Source of Coffee and Tea
The Whippet Source of Coffee and Tea


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