Free Wi-Fi at The Whippet!

Whether you need to send off an email, or simply need quick internet access while having your meeting (and one of our fresh croissants), you will enjoy all this access at No cost. Yes……We have decided to install Free Wi-Fi at The Whippet in Linden. So please come round and spread the news and make The Whippet your next meeting spot when visiting Linden.

Looking forward to seeing all of you in the shop soon.


Free Wi-Fi at The Whippet
Free Wi-Fi at The Whippet

2 Comments Add yours

  1. theresa gibb says:

    Hi very exsited about your consept. I have coffee at the argentianian a few times a week. Looking forward to coming to your store for coffee. Will check at home for some books. I love reading. Theresa Gibb – 071 677 3083

  2. Alta Krige says:

    When are you actually opening? It’s National Novel Writing month in November, and lots of writers will be looking for a place to write and connect….

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