Hot Chocolate anyone? or should we call it Liquid Cocoa?

Creating Sa's best Liquid Coco is though
Too much heat…or too much Cocoa?
this is hands in hair stuff - making Liquid coco is tough
Making Liquid Cocoa is tough

Joburg is freezing over and what better reason to attempt to create Joburg’s best hot chocolate – not the normal, milky, powder stuff you get charged R20 for, but a real decadent sip of the best liquid cocoa you can find. I decided to show you some of the photos of Jaco and Zani putting together (and struggling together) one of the best Hot Chocolate liquid Cocoa drinks Linden and Joburg will ever taste. Zani loves it because of the colour and ingredients and Jaco loves it just because he loves anything sweet. Hope the photos taken with my handy iPad gets your tastebuds going.

But we need some help – We need to find a recipe for a hot chocolate that has less calories but ALL the taste – if anyone has any ideas please share them with us – we need all the help we can get!

O yes – and we need a name for our liquid cocoa drink??? any ideas – please complete the poll below

The Whippet has made the best Coco Liquid in town
Th Whippet Hot Cocoa Liquid

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  1. Cocolicious 🙂 Sounds awesome. Will have to swing by sometime and try it out. Keep warm cocokittens.

    1. Love the name! Please do pop by – we should start construction on the shop soon and would love if you popped by to say hi! just bare with us if we look slightly flustered from all the building! will keep you posted on the construction times.

  2. Ewoud Smant Botha says:

    Basinga Brown sounds the best idea, not only because I came up with it…….nope that is the only reason!!! Ewoud

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