So what are we all about?

This year we celebrate our 5th birthday in our amazing suburb Linden. It has been an amazing 5 years. We still believe that each neighbourhood has a story and that we can play a role in making that come alive.




After 5 years we still believe in…..

Our passion for coffee – Coffee is a sit down moment – a moment to share stories with those you love and those you work with. We believe in creating a space where we source only the best beans, roasted by the best roasters and then blended and made with a lot of passion and love by competition ready baristas.

Our passion for food – Great food, fresh ingredients, with every dish freshly prepared is what makes good food great. We believe in creating food that is great to share or simply food that is great to indulge by yourself. All in a space designed around you.

Our passion for people – We pay our staff well, because we believe them and their families deserve it. That is why we are one of the first companies in our industry to offer staff funeral, disability and life cover. We are on a mission to encourage businesses in our industry to pay staff what they deserve – We want to change the way SA does business.

Our passion for design and architecture –  Our shop designs are inspired by the neighbourhood’s people and their history – not a single store looks the same, because no neighbourhood is the same. We design space around you – we always strive to creates spaces that inspire your next great idea. We design space that adds to your own story.

We continue to believe that your story is our story. 

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  1. Dineo says:

    I absolutely love the place, but why are you not using snapscan as 1 of the payments options?

    1. Hey Dineo. They did approach us. There are 2 issues: they are still more epxnsive that a traditional speedpoint 2. It does not intergrate into our POS system which means we would have to do manual recon on 600 transactions at the end of every day 3. It opens massive gaps for theft by waiting staff. Would love to have it but for a business of our size and complexity it simply does not make sense. Hope this makes some sense.

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