1. Cari says:


    I would like to know if you are open on Wednesday evenings?



    1. Hi Cari. We are unfortunately only open on friday evenings till 10pm

    2. Dixie says:

      Hi what’s the the average price of your tables, the dining room sized table?


      1. Hi. Around 5,500. But come to the shop and lets meet over a cup of good coffee?

  2. Goodwell says:


    I was wondering if you have any staff vacancies available. I live in Linden on 6th Street and need a job.

    1. Hey Goodwell. Sorry man but at the moment we are fully staffed

  3. Hi. Yes we have an opening. Please pop into the shop to come and chat.

  4. Hey Tracey. We unfortunately dont do any 21st birthdays. So sorry about that.

  5. Hi. We are unfortunately closed on Sundays.

  6. Greg Forbes says:

    Great place! Here’s a link to the review I did.

    1. Thx Greg for the great review!!!! I also tweeted it. Thx allot once more. We are flattered.

  7. Jeanne Snyman says:

    I shared your page on facebook in the group Whippet Appreciation Society

  8. Just thought I’d let you know, you guys are on gummie.co.za under Joburg’s Best Burgers! Congrats! http://gummie.co.za/posts/178-the-best-burger-of-joburg

    1. Thx allot! we are very flattered!

  9. Di says:

    Hi there – will you be having any live music this Friday? Thanks.

    1. Hi Diana – yes absolutely!

  10. Linday says:

    Are you very busy on Friday evenings? We want to come this Friday, but see that you don’t take any bookings. And do you have a smoking section?

    1. Hi – Jip – we have a smoking section – we tend to get very busy from 18:00 onwards – but sure we will be able to help out!

  11. Stephen says:

    Hi there Whippet Team, I had the awesome pleasure of visiting your beautiful shop on Saturday morning. Congratulations on a very fresh, funky look and great brand that you have created. The food was just as delicious as the look of your shop. I really like the idea that you have created with having certain items on sale within the shop. I have something that is a little different that I would like to offer to be sold in your shop. Can you please send me your e-mail address so that I may provide you with the details.

  12. Cathleen says:

    Have looked for your shop a number of times, where on earth are you hiding? have stood at the intersection of 7th street and 4th avenue, and can never find you. I land up going to The Argentinean by default. What building are you in?

    1. Hey Cathleen – so sorry you miss us every time! we are literally across the street from The Argentinean – you will see our wooden tables and white and grey exterior.

  13. Juanita says:

    Do you guys make custom size tables? My office is looking for a funky wood finish table in our new “pause” room and I would like to suggest you guys, what price would we be looking at, it would probably be a 10-12 seater table…kitchen counter height…

  14. Shani says:

    Hello, may i please have a email address to contact you by?

    1. sure – you can contact me directly – divanbotha@thewhippet.co.za

  15. Hi there,

    Ive seen that you sell leather bags. Is there somewhere that i could view this online to see prices and styles?

    Many thanks,


  16. Josh Margolis says:

    We have an A-grade residential building in the CBD (Newtown). On the ground floor of this up-market and trendy building, we are bringing in a restaurant and are looking for a coffee shop to compliment the restaurant.

    Would you be interested in creating an establishment in this area?

  17. Joy says:

    hi, I am interested in coming to your lovely place. may I ask, do you do breakfast? I see people ordering tables and now I am confused? thanks

    1. Hi – yes we most certainly do do breakfast. The selling of tables is because we sell all our furniture every 3 months!

      Hope to see you soon – we are on the Cnr of 7th str and 4th avenue Linden.

  18. Wilhelm says:

    Good day, please share some info on how I can buy one of the satchels advertised (costs, email contact, etc.)

    Thank you

    1. Hi Wilhelm.

      All the satchels seen on the blog go for R1950 – You can contact me directly on divanbotha@thewhippet.co.za then I can either phone you or send you more info

  19. Brian Rolfe says:

    Would I be able to buy the hairpin table legs from you?

    1. Hi Wilhelm – yes – we still have 3 tables left? Do you still want one?

  20. Jun Sakai says:

    Hi my name is Jun Sakai, I am 20 years old, and I am a student on my own, I live in Linden 9th street ave 53, I am desperate for a job and would love to know if you can help me with it. I am willing to work for anything. Please reply, my number is 0603291296.

    1. Hey Jun – at this stage we unfor don’t have anything avail – please keep an eye on our website as we post all new positions on there.

  21. Mandy says:

    Good day,
    I’m from Cape Town, and visited your restaurant on 2 May. I had the pork belly on pita, and the whippet cake.DELISH! I still dream about it… When are you opening a branch in Cape Town? Please, do hurry!

  22. Marié says:

    Hi guys! Are u pet friendly..?

  23. Stuart Cleary says:

    Hi guys, just want to find out if you guys offer free wifi?

  24. Kendi Sapepa says:

    Hi, regarding your Linden Flagship store, have you considered selling clothing? Kindly email me, thanks!

    1. Hey Barbara – unfortunately not – sorry about that

  25. Judith Park says:

    Hi, will you be open on public hols 27th April, and the 1st May? If so, what hours? My friends and I never seem to make it to you – we work full-time and not close by. (We wish you would open on a Sunday.)

    1. Hey Judith. Yes we will be open on both days until 3pm

  26. Ruth says:

    Open this Friday?

    1. Unfortunately we are closed on Good Friday.

      Sorry about this.

  27. Hello, My name is Barbara, and I am a presenter on “Radio Today”. I would love to chat to you , live on air, on a Friday morning. My show is called the “Cool and Classy” show” Thank you . Barbara

  28. Barnard says:

    Hallo Whippit

    I would like to email you. Pls send me an adress.


  29. Dominique Spies says:

    Hi, Are you open tomorrow – 08 May

    1. Jip – from 7:00 till 1pm

    2. Jip – from 7 till 1pm

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