The Whippet is going even Greener

At the beginning of the year we made it our mission to become a cleaner and greener business, not only is this more sustainable for our own business but also for the country as a whole.

By using energy saving light bulbs we have cut our electricity consumption by nearly 56%, we are recycling all our used carton and paper based products and will now start doing the same with glass.

But what about 2015?

–  We are starting our own own herb and vegetable garden where we will we aim to become fully self sustainable

–  We are going to recycle all our used coffee into our own herb and vegetable garden

–  We aim to recycle more than 6,000 plastic milk bottles

–  We will aim to source only recycled wood for our new tables

So in 2015, you can expect a more greener, self sustainable Whippet.

Let us know how else we can go greener.

Team Whippet.

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We welcome new designers: Five Past Five

Five past Five now at The Whippet in Linden

Five past Five now at The Whippet in Linden

Five past five 1

As part for our mission to support young designers it is with great pride that we are now exclusively stocking Five Past Five designs in our Linden Flagship store.

The Five Past Five Design team consists of architects, art directors, creative writers, designers and industrial designers who believe that combining the sharpest minds in the industry is the perfect way to run a cutting-edge creative studio.

With experience in industrial, architectural and graphic design, the Five Past Five Design team combine their powers to produce innovative products.
They offer a selection of funky-fresh leather and timber products, which include lamps, furniture, briefcases, handbags, architectural and prototypical items.

And now – They are in Linden.

Please pop into the Linden Flagship Store today.


Five past five 3

So tell us what’s your flavour- our love affair with hot butter fudge



The Whippet Fudge Pot and Fudge Spread

The Whippet Fudge Pot and Fudge Spread



The Whippet has a love affair with fudge.

These awesome blocks of greatness was first found in a letter written by Emelyn Battersby Hartridge, a student at Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, New York. She wrote that her schoolmate’s cousin made fudge in Baltimore, Maryland,  in 1886 and sold it for 40 cents a pound.

In celebration of these centuries old treats you can now pop into the Linden store to pick your favourite flavour. Whether it is bar one, caramel, Amarula, macadamia, milktart or crème brulee fudge, you are sure to find a flavour that fits your tongue. Best of all is our fudge pot – this is the ultimate in creamy butter fudge spread! Eat it with a spoon, or spread it on your favourite biscuit – it is up to you.

So what is your favourite flavour?

See you at the shop.

The Whippet Team


The Whippet Bar one Fudge

The Whippet Bar one Fudge

The Whippet Marshmallow fudge

The Whippet Marshmallow fudge

The Whippet Honey and Boutique Chocolates

Whippet Boutique Chocolates

Whippet Boutique Chocolates

It has been a long time coming, and so we have decided to launch our own new range of  boutique chocolates and organic honey. True to our philosophy of supporting locally produced goods we have teamed up with local chocolatier Stefan and local bee keeper Louis to bring you delicious organic honey and pure good chocolate.

But this is only the beginning-  The Whippet Test Kitchen is spending all its energy in developing some more awesome products – we will keep up updated.


Team Whippet .

The Whippet Organic Honey

The Whippet Organic Honey

The Whippet Cake – What a cake!

Our local bakers have outdone themselves, we are so proud to launch The Whippet Cake. We found that perfect mix of premium ingredients, the perfect crunch, the perfect layers – yes The Whippet Cake. So what are we on about?

The Whippet cake is the perfect balance of creamy layers of full cream milk tart and crunchy cookie, with a thin middle layer of lemon condensed milk.

Please visit our Linden store to try this perfect combination of awesomeness.


The Whippet Cake

Our Gluten Free cakes are arriving on Wed

After so may requests for awesome tasting gluten free cakes, our local baker Gabbie will deliver our first batch of Gluten Free milk tarts and double choc cakes on Wednesday at 11:00. If we see substantial support for the cakes we will most def make this a regular item on the menu.

The Whippet launches Gluten Free cakes

The Whippet launches Gluten Free cakes

Our chef Ofenste is also hard at work in sculpting a new range of dishes on the menu that will be Gluten Free.


We look forward to seeing you at the shop!



Team Whippet

From now onwards…….Tuesdays are cake days!

Tuesdays are cake days at The Whippet

Tuesdays are cake days at The Whippet

Yes most of us if not all of us love them………………………cakes!

We are renaming Tuesdays – as Cake Days.  We have challenged our local bakers to come up with a brand new cake platter every Tuesday. The platters will have three of the most delicious small boutique cakes for between R30 and R35. Why have one cake when you can have three – and what an awesome thing to share.

So pop by for cake and tee, coffee and cake or whatever and cake – but from now onwards Tuesdays are Cake Days!

Big up to our local bakers!

Whippet - 076

New Darkhorse range arrives

We are so glad to announce a  new range  from Dark horse that just arrived. This designer couple has made The Whippet their Joburg home.

Please pop by to view some of their awesome travel bags, wallets and satchels.

Ladies – these make great unique gifts as they are they wont be available anywhere else in Joburg.

We love supporting young designers and even more if they make The Whippet their home.


Hope to see you in the shop soon.


Dark horse credit card holder

Dark horse credit card holder


Dark horse travel bag at The Whippet

Dark horse travel bag at The Whippet



Year end furniture sale

We are entering the final stretch of the year and have decided to once again launch a year-end furniture sale. For those that don’t know, The Whippet (Jaco and Lucky) manufactures all our own furniture from recycled wood. Every few months we completely revamp the store by selling out all the current furniture at ridiculously prices. Well – It’s that time again……

Below please find photos of all the furniture that is available as well as the prices and dimensions.

So how do you go about in ordering furniture? Simply visit the store and choose your specific piece – if it is on the floor – If not – ALL furniture can be made from scratch. All furniture on the floor will however be sold at a further 15% less.

So pop by the shop, and speak to either Suzanne, Divan or Jaco, and we will gladly help.

Just remember – for every five pieces of  furniture sold we donate it all to the Trees for Linden drive –we are already on five indigenous trees which will we either plant in Linden or in Zandspruit.

See you at the shop!

R2950 Fisherman 6 seater

R2950 Fisherman 6 seater (1600 x 900mm)

900mm x 900mm
R3200 – Hairpin 4 seater table (900mm x 900mm)

R12,000 Luxury 10 seater table
R12,000 Luxury 10 seater table

900mm x 900mm

R2250 – Rustic 4 seater (900mm x 900mm)

From milk to art

Ishan Natalie

Ishan Natalie

Whether it is a tulip, a swan or a leaf, we tend to judge the quality of a cappuccino, or at least the barista on how well he can make your skinny or full cream favourite into a piece of art. As part of our journey towards coffee excellence we have asked Ishan Natalie (two times Africa Barista champ) to assist George and Kagiso (Our main baristas) in improving their latte art – For both of them this is an awesome road to learn from the best. Join us as we welcome Ishan to the store as he takes us on a journey towards the ultimate excellence in coffee.

We will update twitter and Facebook with their latest creations.

The Whippet's journey towards excellenc

The Whippet’s journey towards excellence